5 Instant Benefits of Using SocialNow WordPress Theme from MyThemeShop

5 Instant Benefits of Using SocialNow WordPress Theme from MyThemeShop

I have been exploring quite a few premium WordPress themes for a while. If you are just like me, searching for a reliable and usable one all this while, then you should look at the this particular theme that I will be reviewing. It is called SocialNow WordPress theme from MyThemeshop. It is a Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme, which can be adapted for any niche.

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Before I dive into the features, let’s explore 5 instant benefits that I gained from installing and using SocialNow.

1. Quick and easy theme installation

This is a prerequisite for most common WordPress themes nowadays that are on sale on the market. MyThemeShop provides all necessary instructions and documentation for you to download and activate the theme immediately by simply downloading the zip file.  Then in your left-hand menu, choose Appearance > Themes to select the zip file you have downloaded and install. It’s that simple. To get the whole look and feel of the demo site that you have seen, you can check out the One Click Import, to import the demo images, content and layout into the theme you have just activated. Voila, you can immediately start replacing all the images or content from there.


2. Save time getting a website within days instead of weeks

I can’t stress this enough. If you are running an online business, you can’t afford to “waste” too much of your precious time doing the stuff yourself all the time. You need have to either outsource or automate your work process. And this is one of those automation process that you have to necessarily adopt. Of course, if your have the expertise to use a free WordPress theme to customize the look and feel yourself, by all means do so. However, if you are looking to cut short the time spent on beautifying your site and get on with more important content on your site, then it apparently clear that you should be investing on a premium theme that allows you to get a professional site up and running in no time, perhaps in a few working days rather than a few weeks. Typically, it’s a penny wise, pound foolish mentality that you have to consider.


3. Ready, up-to-date and common functionalities built-in

This theme contains almost all the common features and requirements of a business website. In the past, it used to be that one has to get separate components or features to incorporate into a traditional WordPress website. Now, with the advancements and improvements of WordPress sites, now it offers you with more integrated and built-in features with all-in-one. And that saves us a lot of time in hunting down all the features one by one. Hence, that spells more conevenience and easy integration for all modules built-ins as well.


4. 6 great Pre-defined layouts for you to choose

SocialNow theme comes with Pre-defined (i.e. Pre-built and ready to be used) layouts. Of course, once you have the template in place, you can easily change images, text or content as you wish. You just need to leave the layout unchanged. Of course, you are adventurous, you can tweak the code to alter the layout exactly to your needs and tastes. But to start with Pre-defined layouts is again a huge time saver! To preview how these Pre-defined layouts, check out HERE.


5. Great direct 24/7 support if you need help

MyThemeShop offers great and fantastic support. A lot of user testimonials had testified that their support team gave great support. Hence, this justifies and forms an important factor in investing on a premium WordPress theme. Without this, we are definitely going to face lots of issues that cannot be resolved within ourselves. Sometimes, even though there are adequate documentation and self-help FAQs, nothing beats better than a direct support email to the support team. And it’s important that the support team are able to get back to our problems really quickly.


One Click Demo Import Video (4:30)


User Testimonials

Being a WordPress developer, I know how it is to use plugins for every feature like Social Sharing Buttons, Reviews, Related Posts, Widgets, Optin Forms. MyThemeShop has become a one stop solution for all these features built inside a single theme.

Every MyThemeShop theme has all these features inbuilt, that means you need not install many plugins that will increase the speed of execution of each page. Speed websites are always rewarded by search rankings. Thus, MyThemeShop themes are the best alternatives to theme frameworks.

I would recommend MyThemeShop to all my readers of blog Zoorvy and WordPress users.



More User Testimonials


SocialNow Theme Features

Here are the trendy 6 pre-defined layouts bundled with SocialNow Theme:

Default: The default layout allows you to build any website you can imagine. It is a multipurpose layout intended for those people who want to be in control. The user-friendly options allow for easy customization and quick results.

Viral: Want to build a viral content site? The viral layout will fuel your social sharing to millions. Strategically placed social icons appeal to visitors to emotively share your content.

Fashion: Stylishly designed layout allows you to showcase your fashion content with the glamour it deserves. You don’t have to worry anymore since you will make a bold statement with SocialNow fashion layout.

Health: This layout carefully presents your health content with the accuracy it needs. People will want to trust your content since it is presented in a very easy to read format.

Shop: Want to set up shop that converts visitors to loyal customers? The shop layout removes all clutter common most WooCommerce themes. The minimalistic approach makes it easier for customers to pick what they need.

News: Irrespective of what niche you are pursuing, the SocialNow news layout is bound to earn you the authority you crave. The elegant and stylish fonts ensure your headlines, and the content is immaculately presented.
SocialNow will make you a success since visitors are ushered to a fantastic choice of color scheme, elegant typography, trendy social sharing, blended with perfectly placed ads.

MyThemeShop had managed to bring together all rich features that make a website grow into a household brand. All these useful elements work seamlessly redefining what a good website should look like.

Here is the list of best features in SocialNow:
• 6 Pre-defined Beautiful Layouts With One-Click Importer
• 11 Powerful Widgets
• Fluid Responsive
• Author Box
• Related Posts
• Social Sharing Integrated
• Unlimited Color Options
• Unlimited Backgrounds
• All Google Fonts Included
• Search Engine Optimized
• Translation Ready
• RTL Support
• One Click Update
• 4 Pagination Types
• Child Theme Support
• Schema Integrated
• Clean Commented Code
• Lightning Fast
• 24×7 Priority Support
• Video Tutorials
• WPML Ready
• WooCommerce Compatible

Based on my testing of this theme and analysis of the features, I would strongly recommend SocialNow WordPress theme if your are looking for a reliable and custom WordPress theme to build up your website quickly and professionally.

If you have any doubts or queries about investing or using premium WordPress themes, feel free to email me.